Bucket List Tour


One of the best things about Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is the people. Of course the quilts are fantastic, but what's unexpected and a true joy is all the people the show brings together. The community of Sisters and quilting come together to show the world that quilts are more than bed coverings. They can be art, political statement, self-expression, family heirloom, a piece of history or something to keep you warm. They can even be a "bucket list" dream for some travelers.


(Teyla enjoyed the quilts too)

A group of U.K. quilt enthusiasts were among those who made the pilgrimage to Sisters this year. The group, from P&Q Tours, had the opportunity to visit with Jean and view her quilts and home. I had the pleasure of meeting, and chatting, with a number of them during the event and was struck with how something as simple as a quilt can bring people of all kinds and cultures together. It's tempting these days to view the world with fear and suspicion, but events like these remind me that we are all have similar hopes, dreams and goals. Most people only wish to spread warmth, color, and joy. Some people choose to do it with a quilt.

Please enjoy the short video of the tour.