DIY Dog Leash

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Remember our post back in December about DIY adjustable dog collars? Well, today we're going talk about making a leash. It's even easier to make, since there is no need to fit your dog or figure out how to make it adjustable. Plus, with one of our leash kits ,you'll have the pattern, hardware, and webbing you need for a 6' leash all in one package. 


Just like with our collars, we carefully selected the metal hardware and nylon webbing to give you the strength and durability you need to keep your dog safely under control. If you're purchasing your pieces separately, make sure to only use a quality welded D-ring, a heavy duty swivel snap and heavy duty nylon webbing. Our leash kits make a 6' leash, but if you want to make a different size you'll need to add 10-12 inches to your desired finished length for your webbing piece. 


The pattern will give you all the construction details for the leash and collar, so let's talk about fabric choice. For a six foot leash you'll need eight inches of 42"-45" width fabric or about a quarter yard. In the dog collar post we go over the types of fabrics that will work, but the real fun of making your own leash or collar is creating something that expresses you and your dog's personality. Almost anything can work, but small scale prints or geometric designs work especially well. Keep in mind that you will only see one inch width of the print at a time. 

We put together a gallery of photos to help inspire you. 

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The leashes shown come from Miss Teyla's collection and many have been used for years. Those specific fabrics aren't available, but we searched the store for fabrics that we think would make great leashes (click the photo if you'd like more info about the fabric). 

You can even make a leash from an old sheet, men's shirt, or other clothing. The one below was made with a sheet from my daughter's first big girl bedding set. She loved the print and wanted to remember her first bedroom. Using an old item is a wonderful way to upcycle and prevent waste, but it's also a great way to preserve a memory or create a unique gift for a dog lover. 


These leashes are also way more comfortable on your hands than mass made, webbing only versions with scratchy nylon thread. Quality quilting cotton is durable and soft, and just feels good. It also washes well. Just be sure to put your leash in a pillowcase or washing bag, and wash with a towel or two so the hardware doesn't damage your washing machine. Lay flat to dry and your leash will look brand new. 

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As you can see our adorable model Teyla enjoys her outings and her leashes get a lot of use. She may be more interested in the walks, but does appreciate all the comments she gets about how pretty she looks in her custom collars and leashes. She also enjoyed her reward for being such a good model - getting in the river!