Easy Valentine's Sewing Projects

5 valentines day sewing projects
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and while we all love a bit of chocolate it can be nice to give something without sugar to your loved ones. We collected some project ideas to add a little sewing to your day and a little less sweet. 
1) Felt Heart Pouches
Add a love note, a flower, or a sweet treat to your felt heart and your Valentine will feel extra special. Jackie walks through all the steps for this fun project in the video below and you can find kits with everything you need to make four hearts here.
2) Fabric Covered Boxes
Make a fabric covered box with themed prints (Valentine's or just one they will love) to hold all your child's school Valentine's cards, a special gift, or as the gift. The video below has all the tips, tricks, and steps you'll need to make the project a success. 
3) Send a handmade fabric postcard to let someone know you're thinking of them. Jean and Val have some ideas to get you started in the video below. 
4) Use Valentine's prints or colors to make a holiday stuffed friend. We wrote a blog post a while back about how to machine stitch faces for Lucy & Logan, one of Val's stuffed animal patterns. You can apply the same technique to Val's other patterns (Elsa Elephant, Leonardo the Lion, and Studio Cats).
5) Make a Valentine's dinner even more special with a holiday themed table runner. Try Jackie's simple snowball runner (see the video below for instructions), Jean's Colorwork Table Runner, or Val's Sophia Table Runner