Everyone's Favorite Eggnog

Eggnog is everywhere this time of year, and for most of my life I thought it was awful. Too sweet, too thick and too fake tasting. Then I discovered the real stuff. This eggnog is as much like the grocery store version, as acrylic yarn is to cashmere yarn. 


My husband is the cocktail maker at all our parties, and first introduced this recipe at our Christmas Eve party almost a decade ago. We managed to polish off three batches! It was such a hit, it's now a requirement at every holiday gathering we host.  


The recipe comes from Fine Cooking and is chock full of cream, booze and frothy egg whites. You won't be sorry if you give it a try (unless you try too much)!  

Since this is generally a sewing/quilting blog, I will leave you by suggesting you add some crafty appeal by serving your eggnog in festive glasses on some handmade coasters.

Happy Holidays!