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If you're reading this, it's likely that sewing and/or quilting are hobbies you love. Having the skill to make something for yourself is immensely satisfying, and crafting is a wonderful way to express your creative self. Sewing can soothe, comfort, inspire and be practical. This Christmas, share your passion and experience with the young people in your life by teaching them to sew. You'll be giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime and you'll get the gift of spending time together. 


Get kids excited to sew with simple projects styled just for them. Moda's Cut, Sew, Create collection by Stacy Iest Hsu is are ideal projects to start building their skills. Projects are designed to specifically appeal to today's kids and come in a range of difficulties. Start with the adorable and easy pillow critters, then move up to the lunch bag or zipper pouches as they gain confidence. 


To help you get great results Valori, and her daughter Violet, show you the best and easiest way to insert a zipper in the video below. You might learn something too :) 

Other children or beginner friendly projects you could try:

If you aren't a sewer, or your student's interest lies elsewhere, don't worry--you still have a lot of great options. For embroidery, take a look at the super cute Kiriki Dolls. Crochet lovers will adore the Toft animal kids. Both sets of kits come with everything you need for the project, and both are available in a variety of difficulty levels. A perfect project for new knitters is the Churchmouse Classroom: Stitch Sampler Handwarmers & Ribbed Scarf Pattern. Hand sewers might be interested in the popular Delilah Iris Designs stuffed unicorn or elephant kits. 


The key to a positive experience is picking a project they really love and are excited to make. Once they're invested in the project the desire to learn will follow.

It never hurts to remind beginners that mistakes are part of learning, and that no one is an expert their first time. Albert Einstein summed it up well when he said, "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." Part of the charm and appeal of handmade items are the little quirks and differences. It's a good lesson for all makers to learn. Make mistakes, laugh, move on, make some new mistakes--often it's those "mistakes" that turn out to be the thing you love the most. 

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