Knit or Crochet Soap Cozies - Free Patterns

12Projects #5

I hear some of you thinking..."What's a soap cozy?"  It's basically a washcloth that your soap fits inside of. The cozy adds a bit of exfoliation and helps your soap lather with no need for a separate cloth or puff. Plus it keeps it from slipping out of your hands or off the soap dish. 

Practical, good looking, inexpensive and a breeze to make this week's project is a go-to for last minute gifts. Personalize it with the recipients favorite colors or match their home decor. Add a special soap with a great scent and who wouldn't want one! 


Now that you want a soap cozy, or two, let's go over how to make one. First, you'll need cotton yarn. For our samples we used Happy Cotton in School Days (navy) and Bubbly (blue). Three 28g balls made both the crocheted face cloth and soap cozy with enough left over for a second cozy. One ball will make a full cozy of either pattern (obviously with no stripe). 


This project can be knit or crocheted. We've included full instructions for both at the end of this post. Keep in mind that depending on your yarn choice, gauge, and size of soap, you may need to alter your starting number of stitches. Don't worry though, no other modifications are needed. Whatever number of stitches you start with, the patterns are worked the same. 

We chose a large bar of soap (1"x 2 1/2" x 4") and made our cozies to fit. Our finished cozies are 3 1/4" x 5 1/2". You want the cozy to fit snugly around the soap. Your cast on stitches, or beginning chain, should measure about 1/4" smaller than the end of your soap. Cotton yarn stretches! 


If you want to add a companion washcloth, that is even easier. Our crochet version is a simple square of single crochet and for a knit version make a square of garter stitch. These simple stitches look great and are sturdy enough to hold up to some scrubbing. A couple of washcloths in fun colors make a great gift for a cook. Add a rubber duck to a couple cloths and you have a cute and useful gift for a new baby. 

You can make all of these projects from any cotton yarn, but we love Happy Cotton for them. This quality yarn comes in 50 colors and small 28g/47y skeins so it's easy to add stripes (or any pattern) and still buy just what you need. Each skein is only $1.75 so you can make one for everyone on your list without breaking the bank!


All projects are suitable for beginners and can be completed in a few hours or less. 

Shop Supplies: Happy Cotton Yarn, Soap 

To make either soap cozy you will need:

1 skein Happy Cotton,  size H/8-5.00mm hook/size US 5-6 needle, tapestry needle, soap


Crochet Instructions for Soap Cozy:

Chain 13.

Single crochet in front loop along entire chain, then single crochet in back loop along the other side of the entire chain.  You will have 24 sts. All further stitches are worked in the round. 

Round 1 : double crochet all stitches

Round 2: single crochet all stitches

Repeat rounds 1 & 2 until your cozy measures 5 1/2" long.

Repeat round 1.

Snip yarn and pull though. Weave in ends

For tie: Chain until you reach 14" or desired length.

Weave chain through last double crochet row at top of soap cozy. Insert soap and tie cozy closed. 


Knit Instructions for Soap Cozy

Cast on 14 stitches using Judy's magic cast on

You will be knitting in the round--use your preferred method. 

Round 1-3: Knit 

Round 4: *K1, wrap twice, rep from  * to eor

Round 5: *K1, drop both wraps, rep from * to eor

Rep rounds 2 - 5 until your cozy measures 5 1/2" long.

Knit 2 rounds. Bind off. Weave in ends. 

Braid three 18" strands of yarn or make i-cord. Weave cord through the top set of dropped stitches. Insert soap and tie cozy closed.