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12Projects #12 Yarn Hat

Christmas is only a few days away! Most of us are super busy with last minute preparations; focused on wrapping, baking, and simply getting through it all. So our last project of Christmas couldn't be easier, plus you probably already have everything you need to make it. These adorable yarn hats only take a few minutes to put together and make charming package toppers or a quick last minute ornament to give. 


Let's get right to making one...

You'll need: yarn, card stock or toilet roll, glue or double sided tape, thread, and some scissors

We used worsted weight red and green yarns from our stash, card stock in similar colors to the yarn and strong scrapbooking double sided tape. Just about any scrap yarn you have will work for this project, but if you go for a super thin or thick yarn you may need to change the dimensions of your base circle.

Cut your materials (makes 1 hat):

    card stock  3/4" x 6" or toilet roll 3/4" wide round

    yarn 14" lengths


Using double sided tape or glue, form your card stock strip into a circle (overlapping the ends 1/2") making the hat base. Fold a yarn piece in half and wrap it around the base, pulling the cut ends of the yarn through the loop made by the fold. Repeat until the entire hat base is covered. The number of strips you need is dependent on your yarn weight. Keep adding yarn pieces until the base is fully covered, pushing them together as you add them. We used about 46 strips per hat. The more you add, the better your finished hat will look. 

Once the base is entirely covered with the yarn, gather up the all the cut ends of yarn and tie tightly (with more yarn) about 2 1/2" above bottom of hat. Trim ends to make the pom pom. Add thread or ribbon to hang. 

Fill your hat with yarn or batting to get that rounded shape. We used the yarn trimming scraps from the last step and found that because we used wool yarn they stayed inside on their own, but you can also finish your hat by gluing on card stock or a piece of fabric trimmed to fit the hat opening. 

Have fun and Happy Holidays!


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