Our Family Favorite Holiday Cookies


Normally this isn't a food blog, but who can resist cookie recipes during the holidays?!

Certainly not me. Each person in my family receives a batch of their favorite cookies every Christmas. The cookie most requested, is my double chocolate peppermint cookies. They are rich and fudgy, with a strong peppermint flavor. 


They are so good, I usually stash some in the back of freezer to sneak out in January when the rest of my family is out of the house. You have been warned, these cookies are addictive!

Download Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Karen shared her recipe for her daughter's favorite holiday sweet, Almond Roca.  Karen's daughter now lives abroad teaching with the American International Schools, formerly in Senegal and Northern Sudan, currently Abu Dhabi, so it's been quite a few years since they made this together for the annual Holiday Bazaar at the historic Camp Sherman Community Hall, but it's a Christmas classic.
My grandma & aunt used to make Almond Roca for me every holiday, so it has many pleasant memories for me as well. Try it, and make some of your own sweet memories. 
Terri, our education coordinator, brought in her "Paw's" Danish Puff recipe to share. I'm going to have to try this one, Terri says it's easy, amazing, and one of her family favorites.
Danish Puff
Doesn't it look good!  "Paw's" Danish Puff recipe is a Betty Crocker classic with an added note.. "You can  make 3 puffs instead of 2 with this mixture  -----PAW----" . You can find the full recipe here.
Paige brought in her Aunt Betty's Nut Cookies. They are lovely and light, with a bit of chew from the fruit jelly filling. They were a big hit in the office! 

Download Aunt Betty's Nut Cookies

It's hard to give away any of these yummy treats, but if you manage not to eat them all, box a few up with a handmade apron for a gift everyone loves. I'm thinking about giving my mom this apron...


in this fabric...


with her sugar cookies. So silly and fun! I'm having a chuckle just imagining her wearing it.

Check out today's (Dec. 14th, 2018) newsletter for more apron patterns and fabric ideas. All the featured patterns and fabrics are 10% off today!

Happy Holiday and Happy Baking!