Packing for Quilter's Affair

Quilters Affair Blog

I was chatting with Lawry after Beach Retreat about how to pack for a quilting workshop or retreat.  I'm sure glad I did because she has a ton of tips, some that are even specific for Quilter's Affair which is coming up very soon!  Here is her packing list for QA:

1)  Checklist - This is good for both packing to go and to come home.  After a few retreats, this list becomes so refined that packing is a breeze!  It also helps to make sure that important things are not forgotten, like the foot pedal and electric cord!  If the machine is new, be sure to bring that manual (doesn't hurt to bring it even if the machine is not new, this would be the time it decides to be fussy)

2)  Cutting tools - This includes mats, rulers, rotary cutters, spare blades, and scissors.  Figure the two or three rulers that would adapt to the projects brought the best.

3)  Basic sewing supplies - An extra spool or two of thread, pins, scissors, seam ripper, notions that you use all the time.  I personally have a round tin that I keep all my travel notions in all the time to make it easy to travel.

4)  Project that is to be worked on - The pattern, any fabric (if you pre-cut, bring the leftover fabric, you never know when or if you'll need more), any rulers or special tools for this project.  It may be wise to bring a hand project for the evenings, but certainly not necessary.

5)  Comfy clothes - It is hot here in Sisters this time of year, so keep that in mind while packing.  Black pants might not be for everyone because every little thread always seems to show on them.  I always travel with a scarf because it can be a wrap, blanket, pillow, whatever you need in the moment!  Cozy socks or slip on shoes- start sewing and the shoes come off!

6)  Necessities - When packing, sit at your machine and look around your space and notice all the little notions that you feel are important to keep right next to you.  Those should be packed!

7)  The extras - A water bottle!  Sisters High School has water bottle refilling stations in the hallways, but you don't want to get up and find a fountain for every drink.  A pillow for back support or cushion is always a good idea.  Another little extra is a table light, bonus points if it is battery operated.  Don't forget to pack a phone charger, many photos will be taken (and we want to see what you're up to #SewMuchInspiration).  A small notebook and pencil is never a bad extra to have.


What NOT to bring for Quilter's Affair

1)  No Irons - These are provided in each room.

2)  No Extension Cords - These are prohibited by the Fire Marshal

3)  No Power Strips - These are also prohibited by the Fire Marshal

4)  No Food - The High School is not our building, so please be courteous and don't eat in the classrooms.

5)  No Chairs - You will likely be in a different classroom each day, so make it simpler on yourself and leave it at home.

Please note that while these items are not good to bring for Quilter's Affair, for other workshops and retreats snacks, irons, power strips, etc. are necessary.  Please also note that you will likely be in a different classroom each day, so make it easy on yourself and don't bring your whole sewing room!

We will also have a small store set up in the High School Commons to get any last minute "Oh, I forgot..." items.  Even if you don't forget anything, come say hi to Becky and Annette!

Can't wait to see everyone!

~ Katie