Part 2 - Marmalade Dreams Quilt-a-Long


Are you ready for month two of Marmalade Dreams Quilt Along!? This month we are going to do the center section of the quilt.

I love this section… so much I created a small quilt using the top and bottom triangles, Diamond Days. Before I show you that lets get started.

I have a quick update to the pattern that we found while creating the step-outs for this month. Page 8 of the pattern booklet, Section 2 – the cutting measurements for C1 & C2 are incorrect. The correct measurements are: cut 2 – 2 ½” x 32 ½” strips. If you have already cut the strips you can add on the amount needed to get 32 ½”, the seam will not be noticeable in the long run. I am so sorry for the mistake. We work very hard at proofing our patterns but alas we miss things.

Before we get to cutting and sewing you need to make the templates. Make a photocopy or trace the templates in the pattern booklet onto template plastic, A & B. If you make a photocopy you will then need to trace onto template plastic and cut out. I like to use template plastic because I can see through the template to the fabric for placement.


Now, you will need to make the strip pieced triangles. To do this you will sew 1” strips together then cut them out with the template. A trick that was taught to me years ago is to stitch the first two fabrics together, beginning on the left end.
 Stitch the third strip beginning on the right end. By alternating the direction of the stitching, there will be less chance of the strips pulling in one direction. Press all seam allowances in one direction. My favorite new notion is the wooly mat, I love how it holds the heat and pressing is actually quicker. 


Once you have all your pieces cut you will sew together in rows.

The center of this section is pieced together in rows, triangles first and the solid strips next.

Ollie thought he would help with photography today…

The final step to this section is sewing the top and bottom sets of triangles to the center. If you liked this section you can always make a companion quilt…Diamond Days. I was thinking after I finished this that you could easily make this bigger. I think lap size would be awesome!

Once that is done it is time for brownies. Not just any brownies but my mom’s yummy Chocolate Crunch Brownies!!! This is another family favorite…


Brownies Download JeansChocolatebrownies

Have a great month and please share what your up to! I love seeing the progress.