Part 3 - Marmalade Dreams Quilt-a-Long

Hello and Happy October!!!!

We are half way through Marmalade Dreams Block of the Month and this month is quick and easy.

We are making mini log cabins that are set with rectangles.

My biggest tip on this section is to be really accurate with your sewing and cutting. The pieces are small and even a little bit of unevenness can mess with your size of block.

I like to cut out all my pieces first and lay them in order and chain stitch all of the blocks at once.


As you can see they are super cute and go together really quick.


Once you have all the blocks cut and the setting rectangles lay them out in order and sew together.


I got so excited about these little blocks I decided to make a little pincushion.

With some help from Oliver….

Take one block and cut a background piece or make two blocks and you have a two sided pin cushion.


Sew around the block leaving an opening for turning and filling. Clip off the corners.


Turn pincushion right side out and press. I like to use crushed walnut shells for pincushions.


Fill as much as possible, I do like to use a funnel if possible. Let the cat help if he wants.


Hand stitch the opening closed and tada…. Little mini log cabin pincushion!


Onto our yummy treats for this month….

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

They are so good and don’t use any eggs, almost like a cake texture when baked. They are my husband’s favorite cookies!


I hope you all have a great month. I am off to market next week in Houston, TX and then leaving to teach a retreat in Bali.  Next months BOM will post after Thanksgiving Weekend.