Putting it all Together - Marmalade Dreams Quilt-a-Long

Hello! Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has recovered from the holidays and is back to sewing.

We are on the final stretch of the Marmalade Dreams quilt. You have made all your parts and it is time to sew together the top.

Follow the diagram in the picture below or your pattern.


Now this beautiful top is ready to quilt. I thought I would share my quilting to get you going on ideas.  There is such high contrast from the background greys and neutrals, to the colorful blocks so I picked a neutral thread that would look good on both. When I am choosing thread I like to pull the end of the thread from the spool and lay it across the quilt top. It gives me a better idea of how it will look when quilted. Just laying the spool on top of the quilt top doesn’t give me the same perspective of a single strand.

For the large log cabin blocks I decided to quilt lines in the small colored areas and my style of meandering in the neutral logs, continuing the design throughout all of the light backgrounds.


Even for the little log cabins I did lines in the colored logs.


The diamonds I wanted to keep simple and not take away from the prints or the piecing. I quilted a curvy diamond shape in all of the diamond sections. I am not one who likes using rules, or my walking foot, so these are free form. If you want them perfect I would use a ruler or a walking food depending on what type of machine you are using.

Centerdiamonds Quiltingdiamonds

My meandering quilting is a flowing designs that intertwines with itself, lots of swirls, flower and leaf like shapes.


I hopefully this will give you some ideas for quilting your own Marmalade Dreams Quilt.


Lastly I have included the final recipe…. I had to laugh because it is snowing outside and the recipe is for Summer Berries. You can make this with frozen berries. Enjoy!



Thank you for being a part of Marmalade Dreams Block of the Month. I would love to see any finished quilts! Have a great day!