Quick Strip Quilt - Variations

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One our most popular posts continues to be our Quick Strip Quilt tutorial, so we wanted to share a few variations on that fast and easy quilt. We've created four new and equally simple variations, all made from our Oregon themed batik strip rolls. For basic quick strip quilt technique, and detail photos of all the steps see our original post

Aren't they a pretty bunch?

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Our first, and simplest, option is to follow the original quick strip quilt instructions, but in the first step sew the short ends of your strips together at a 45 degree angle. You can subcut and repeat the process for more color variation, as in the original, but we felt these quilts didn't need it. 


The quilt above is made with our Douglas Fir roll, with strips placed randomly.


This quilt uses the same technique, but arranges the colors placing the lights in the middle, with mostly green on one side and blues on the other. The quilt is made with our Blue Pool roll


We did the same with our Rainbow roll, putting the strips in rainbow order. This one would be such a wonderful children's quilt with all it's bright colors.


In the last version of this technique, we placed all the strips from the Walk in the Woods roll in an order to simulate a picture of just that, walking through the woods.

Our next quilt uses the Sage Meadow roll, and saves the variation until the end. After completing the basic Quick Strip top, measure from the top left of your quilt 19” to the right and cut from top to bottom. Then measure the same amount down and cut from side to side. This divides your quilt top into four parts, two of them square and two rectangular. Rotate both squares 90 degrees, then sew all the pieces back together. 


Our Oregon Sunset roll quilt is all about those gorgeous colors. Strips are divided into five groups - two light, two middle, and one dark. The dark strips are sewn together to form the center, then the middle groups are sewn together and attached to each side of the dark. The lightest strip groups are sewn together and cut until you have long strips approximately 8 1/2" wide. Sew each strip on the outsides and you're done.


This last quilt is made from a free pattern called Jelly Roll with a Zinger and uses the Coastal Fog roll. It's another longtime Stitchin' Post favorite and a simple way to jazz up a strip roll.


Hopefully all these quilts inspires you to try one of these fast and fun beauties for yourself.