Wrap It Up


When I go to all the effort of selecting, or making a gift, I want the wrapping to look great too. I’m not crazy about all the waste created though, and I’m really not crazy about running to the store Christmas Eve to fight it out for the last roll of wrapping paper.

This year I’m avoiding both. I’m not buying any paper, ribbon or bows. I’m going to use my scraps, stash fabric, and maybe a few extra fat quarters.


Fabric makes beautiful, unique wrapping and saves money. It’s even good for the environment. Win, win! You can use everything from a handful of tiny strips to larger pieces of fabric. You don’t have to stick with holiday theme fabrics either. Get creative.

I chose a red, green and grey color scheme for my examples. All the wrapping came from scraps collected from around the shop. Stripbow

This bar of soap is topped with an assortment of scrap ends tied in the middle, and trimmed even. Use the same general procedure as making a pompom (also a great gift topper). The soap was so pretty on its own, all I did was tie my fabric pompom on with an extra strip of fabric, then scrunch all the strips with my fingers.


This gift is wrapped in a long strip of fabric that I brought around the ends toward the top, the twisted the two ends around each other, pulled the ends to the back, around the sides, and pinned in place. Simple and pretty, plus the receiver will have a piece of fabric large enough to use. 


I wrapped this box in a Christmas print and added a “bow” made from tying three 1” x 4” wool scraps together with the ends folded under on the top two.

Once you start, more and more ideas will come to you. Add a fabric strip to a pre-printed box. Use yarn, metallic thread, or skinny fabric strips instead of ribbon. Try layering two to three fabrics together.


For larger gifts wrap in craft, or freezer paper, and add fabric ribbon or bows.

You can also make the wrapping part of the gift. Give a pattern, and wrap it with the fabric to make it.


Make our free Download FabricGiftBoxes to hold a small gift.


Happy wrapping!