An Artist's Day Out - Scotland's Gardens

What a treat for my husband John and I to stay with Lorna and Michael Hunter in Newcastle at their lovely home and see their totally amazing garden. Lorna has been coming to Quilter’s Affair for 15 years.

It was an overcast day when we arrived and the light was perfect for taking pictures...


IMG_8305             IMG_8305





IMG_8266-mod    IMG_8266-mod

IMG_8266-mod    IMG_8266-mod


Lorna’s friend was having a garden tour at her estate...
It was beautiful, and had some very interesting structures.

There is something wonderful about traveling to a new place you have never been, and seeing things for the first time. I am always looking for line, texture, and color ideas.


  IMG_8323       IMG_8323

Lornas_elephant     Lornas_arch

IMG_8325-mod   IMG_8323

IMG_8319-mod      IMG_8319-mod

We also visited the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh--we'll post those photos in a later installment.