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Get to know our amazing Quilter's Affair teachers!

Karla Alexander

Quilt designer and author, Karla Alexander lives in beautiful Salem, OR. As the author of eight quilt books Karla also designs her own pattern line under Saginaw St Quilts. She also organizes and teaches workshops for Cascade Quilt Retreats. Karla is on the design team for Creative Grid Rulers having designed 8 specialty rulers to use with her methods and was featured on Simply Quilts & The Quilt Show. Karla's philosophy regarding quilting is to enjoy the process, learn from your experience and take what you learn from one project to the next.

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Anna Bates

Anna started quilting in 1993 and has been passionate about the art form ever since. She has published patterns, been featured in magazines, teaches, and writes about quilting for Anna is especially proud of the YouTube Channel that she and her husband publish called “Quilt Roadies,” –traveling the country, visiting quilt shops, and connecting quilters one project at a time!

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Colleen Blackwood

Colleen Blackwood has been quilting for over 45 years and teaching classes for nearly 40 years. Her quilts are designed based on traditional techniques with an individual flair added to help create quilts that reflect the quilter who makes them. Machine quilting on domestic sewing machines is a specialtythat she loves sharing. There is often laughter heard in the halls when she is teaching – our shared interest is supposed to be fun!

Sarah Bond

Sarah is from a family of quilt makers stretching back to the early nineteenth century. She began quilting in her early 20s and loves to immerse herself in old quilts and quilt books. She is obsessed with color and pattern, and while her inspirations are classic and traditional, her own work has a modern flair. Her mission when teaching is to break quilts down to their components, so that students can use them to design their own masterpieces.

Deborah Boschert

Deborah Boschert creates art quilt collages with layers of fabric, paint and stitching. The personal symbols and details in her work reflect her ideas and experiences. Her award-winning art quilts are regularly exhibited in quilt shows and art galleries. She has appeared on Quilting Arts TV and The Quilt Show and is the author of Quilt Collage: A Creative Journey in Fabric, Paint and Stitch. She is always eager to share her ideas about creativity and the possibilities of creating art with fabric.

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Christina Cameli

Christina Cameli is a quilter with a thousand interests. She is a fabric and pattern designer as well as a teacher and author, and feels the happiest piecing with scraps and free-motion quilting. She finds joy in sharing the magic of quilting with anyone who is ready to try something new. Christina is known for her clear instruction and calm, soulful encouragement, which she shares far and wide through her books and online classes. Her 5 quilting books includeWedge Quilt Workshop and Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting. Christina works as a nurse-midwife and lives with her blended family in Portland, Oregon.

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Jen Carlton Bailly

In a previous life, Jen Carlton Bailly probably sold you a pair of jeans or khakis at The Gap. Today you’ll find her covered in threads and searching for the latest inspiration for a quilt. A self-proclaimed master at curves, she finds pleasure in creating quilts with secondary patterns that make you stop and wonder.

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Sharon Carvalho

Sharon has been quilting since the late 1970s, first with traditional pieces then moving on to art quilts once retiring to Sisters after a career as a write and editor. As an art quilter, Sharon creates fiber art on both a design wall and a computer, often incorporating digital designs into her work. She works in several textile mediums and believes that serendipity drives her work. She is a member of the Central Oregon Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), and her work has been exhibited in several international show.

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Violet Craft

My name is Violet Craft -really! I am the artist behind the prints, patterns and works. I specialize in quilt fabric and patterns and often dabble in a little of everything else. I created the Abstractions Series of patterns from my own photography. I have met every animal in my work, even the Unicorn! Well, the horse muse anyway :) I am a licensed designer of print fabrics and distribute my own line of sewing patterns, but mostly I am a momma, a wife, a friend and a maker. I was born in the Old West where I pursued my education in business and finance. The start of my career in software development brought me to the Pacific Northwest where I bagged my man, feathered my nest and stitched it all together. Drawn to art, craft and make-ing, the birth of my first child compelled me to ditch my corporate career and seek out my passion. My initial children's apparel line reached boutiques in 2004. My first fabric collection debuted in Spring 2011 along with the first Violet Craft sewing patterns. I teach sewing and design workshops which are often influenced by my awesomely nerdy former career.

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Jackie Erickson

I started quilting while in high school home economics classes. I made my first quilt my senior year (1978), and I still have it: an incredibly ugly purple calico monstrosity! Over the past 20 or so years, I’ve become very confident in my ability to create and design quilts. I enjoy instilling confidence in a quilter who is struggling to get to the next level of quilting. Teaching them that there is always an easier, faster, and more efficient way to sew a quilt together. “Mistake” is my middle name, and I have made some whoppers over the years. I share my blunders with my students, so they will see that it’s OK to make a mistake—just learn from it and move on. I’ve worked for the Stitchin’ Post on and off over the last 40 years (Wow, that’s a long time). Along the way, I got married (33 years) and raised my children. I’ve done many interesting things through my life with more to come (can’t wait to see what they will be). No matter where I go and what I do, I always end up back here in little O’ Sisters. The Best Little City in Oregon.

Sarah Fielke

Sarah Fielke is an award winning quilt designer from Sydney, Australia. In her 24 years in the quilting industry, her 14 best-selling quilt books have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into five languages. Sarah's quilts have roots in both modern and traditional quilting, making her a firm favorite with quilters new and old. She describes her quilts as "contemporary traditional".

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Sheila Frampton Cooper

After channeling her artistic muse to painting, jewelry making and architectural photography for many years, Sheila plunged into abstract quilt-making in 2010. Guided by no plan, no sketch and no agenda, but fed by intuition and inspired by nature’s palette, she speeds into journeys of revelation and surprise in her quilt studio. Her live intensity is apparent in the colors, lines and shapes of her improvisational textile works. “Whether I'm painting, drawing or piecing a studio quilt, moving head first into the unknown fuels my creativity,” Sheila said. “I relish all the surprising discoveries along the way as the journey starts to reveal itself to me.”Since embarking on her fiber art adventure, Sheila has won awards at major quilt shows, including: IQA World of Beauty in Houston, AQS Show in Paducah and Road to California. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, England, China and Japan. Sheila is also a passionate teacher and has shared her process in workshops around the world. She says, "Another wonderful change quilting brought into my life was the opportunity to teach. It is a privilege for me to witness what my students accomplish in 2-5 days! I am honored to hold the space and guide them as they discover the freedom, joy, and for some, the slight discomfort that comes from not knowing the outcome of their creations"

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Sally Frey

Sally always wanted to be a quilt shop owner; it’s been her dream since she took her first quilt class in 1993. She went on to work in her local quilt shop and began teaching classes. She began teaching at Sisters’ Quilter’s Affair in 1998 and has taught here every year since. Once she connected with co-owner Jacque, she realized how fulfilling running a business could be. Sally is happy to be living her dream, sharing knowledge and inspiring quilters.

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Carolyn Friedlander

Carolyn Friedlander is an artist specializing in modern fabric designs, quilting and sewing patterns, and quilt making with intention. She grew up on a cattle and citrus ranch in Florida, spending most of her free time immersed in drawing, painting, and sewing. After a stint in architecture, Carolyn sought a different occupation that would allow her to be wildly creative. Quilting became her new passion. She was drawn to bright and bold fabrics and saw a need for clean,modern patterns. Today, Carolyn is a well-traveled, published author andinstructor, and has designed several lines of fabric.

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Scott Hansen

Scott Hansen is the self-proclaimed Mad Color Scientist behind the wheel at Blue Nickel Studios. His favorite pasttimes as a child included paper pop-out diaromas and that coveted 64 color box of Crayola crayons.

Scott designed his first quilt at 14. After that he did more typical teenage activities like learning to drive, working, college, and figuring out how to talk to girls. He found the girl of his dreams after college, and has been married to his wife, Linda, also an artist, for over 30 years. They settled down in the countryside northeast of Seattle, Washington and raised three kids and numerous chickens, ducks, cats, and one dog.

That first quilt he designed as a teenager traveled with him, and after collecting a few vintage quilts, Scott picked up the quilting bug again and has been playing with fiber and color ever since. He has had many quilt patterns published in a numerous quilt magazines since 2008. He has been running his blog since 2006 and been self-publishing patterns since 2012. His "Painted Forest" quilt pattern has become a classic pattern now, but he has plenty more modern "Urban Folk" quilt patterns via his website and Etsy. He has designed two lines of modern batiks for Banyan Batiks as well.

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June Jaeger

Art has always been a big part of June’s life. Majoring in Art Education, she focused on oil painting, but enjoyed sketching, water colors, charcoal drawings and more. In 1969, she began quilting, and in 1980 she was teaching quilting and began to design as well. By 2000, she had designed many patterns for various companies and branched out with her own company, Log Cabin Quiltworks. She has also written two books. Her work features landscape and nature appliqué, and she has recently added painting and inking on fabric.

Lynn Koolish

Lynn Koolish is a fiber artist, teacher, and author. She is most known for her bright colors of handdyed fabric and mixed-media fiber art. Based in Berkeley, CA, Lynn teaches online, and in person throughout California and nationally.
In her current work, Lynn uses her hand-painted and hand-dyed fabrics to create improvisationally designed and pieced art quilts. In her work and her teaching, she always maintains
a strong focus on applying basic design principles while maintaining the spontaneity of the improv process.
Lynn was an editor at C&T Publishing for almost 20 years, working on books ranging from traditional piecing, appliqué, and embroidery to art quilting, inkjet printing on fabric, and more. She has written/co-written five books including Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing, The Wonderful Colorful Wonder Wheel of Color (with Kerry Graham and Mary Wruck), Innovative Fabric Imagery for Quilts (with Cyndy Rymer), and More Photo Fun (with the Hewlett-Packard Company and Cyndy Rymer).

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Tula Pink

Tula Pink graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, with degrees in both Graphic Design and Illustration. After working as a senior exhibit designer for two major Los Angeles Museums, and in the L.A. music industry, she left California and now resides in a small mid-western town. Tula’s main function in life is fabric design–she lives for it. She designed her first fabric collection in her living room after work and on weekends. A few years and several collections have passed since then.

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Giuseppe Ribaudo

Giuseppe Ribaudo ( Giucy Giuce) grew up in Long Island, NY. His Sicilian-American family lived on the bottom floor of his grandparents’ house. His grandmother is a talented seamstress who taught him to sew at an early age. It wasn’t until college that he discovered quilting. After a decade of traveling,he moved back to New York to pursue a career in textiles. He was offered a marketing position at Andover Fabrics and was soon promoted to multimedia manager. In 2018, he turned his focus to fabric design and released his first collection, Quantum. His recently released tenth collection, Nonna, is an homage to his grandmother and her home where he learned to sew. Recently he relocated to Portland, Maine where he continues to design fabric and patterns and teach quilting classes.

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KellyRae Roberts

Self-taught artist and entrepreneur, Kelly Rae Roberts, believes in the power of possibility. A former social worker, Kelly Rae picked up her first paintbrush at age 30 and everything changed. Painting brought her what she was craving: healing, unburdened joy, awakening. Her tender style of truth-telling and possibility-driven approach to life, work, & art spread like wildfire and has been featured in countless books, magazines, and licensed products. She is the creator of several beloved e-courses, books, and retreats that focus on the idea that when we let art out, we let love in.

She lives in Sisters, OR with her son True, husband John, and two English Bulldogs, Lulu and Amelia.

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