Fancy the Studio Cat - Gets Gussied Up

Hi, Mittens here, One of the Studio Cats in the Wild, I want to introduce you to one of my good friends, fellow Studio Cat, Fancy, made by Paige.

IMG_8645               IMG_8648
Fancy has a Very Big Weekend planned soon and she wanted some fashion advice......So I booked her a fitting with my Personal Seamstress, Jill.  After a fitting and design consultation....


Jill got to work, on a skirt basically like mine,

The skirt fabric is 9" (1/4 yd) x 36" wide,  (I cut a 9" square of fabric to make Fancy's Bandana).
Turn under 1/4" along the top edge and bottom edge of width fabric, press.
Then turn under the bottom hem another inch and press again.


Jill used the tulle on the roll, she cut 3 lengths, 1 yard each.  Layer the 3 yards of tulle on top of each other and sew together along the 36" edge.

IMG_8666 (1) IMG_8667
Fold over again, and attach to the bottom of the skirt edge.

IMG_8670     IMG_8668
Sew a guide to follow for the placement of the Ric-Rack trim,
position trim, and sew over the guide line.

Trying on the for length, Fancy wanted her skirt SHORT, so Jill turned down the top edge another inch and that made Fancy smile.

Fold over the 2 side edges of the skirt and stitch.


To gather the waist of Fancy's skirt, Jill used old fashioned string. Cut to the length of the waist edge, tie knot in both ends so the string does not unravel.

IMG_8697                          IMG_8694                 

Set your Stitch to Zig Zag, as wide as it will go.(Jill used 5) - Stitch length Jill set at 2 on her Bernina. Pin the string at the beginning to start.


Zig Zag over the string carefully (you do not want to catch the sting with your needle and thread).
Follow the thread all the way to the end of the skirt.
Don't forget to backstitch at both the beginning and the end of the Zig Zag.


IMG_8699                          IMG_8702

 Pull the string to gather up your skirt, pull from both ends to get it as tight as possible.


Position your skirt on your kitty, tie the string off with a square knot, then tie into a bow.
Trim the ends, and re-knot, to keep the string from unraveling.

Fancy is very happy with her look, what do you think?

Stay tuned for Fancy's adventures in the week to come!

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