Marmalade Dreams Quilt-a-Long - Part 4

Hello and Happy Holidays!

To start things off I must apologize for the delay in getting part 4 of our Marmalade Dreams QAL out.

We are diving into the last pieced section before final assembly of your quilt.

To start this section, you will be using the C and D Templates which are a smaller version of the A and B templates.


Once the pieces are cut out arrange them on a flat surface. Then begin stitching the shapes together in horizontal rows pressing the seams open or in one direction…I find pressing seams open creates a flatter piece and the rows are easier to stitch together. 


Once the rows are finished, then join one row to the next pressing after each seam. 


To finish Part Four, stitch the filler side strips together and press the seams. Join to each side of the panel. Always refer to Figure 10 while you are in the process of creating these two units. The diamond shapes are not a mirror image of each other, but the filler strips are.


In a few weeks we will put all the parts together.

Now onto something yummy….. My mother has been making this carrot cake for many, many years and it is always a big hit. The addition of coconut and crushed pineapple add moisture and flavor. We do leave the nuts out. And the frosting is amazing!


Download Carrot Cake Recipe