Peacock Pavilions... Oh My


I have been working on my newest collection of fabric for fall...the designing phase and got so caught up yesterday that I forgot to post... good grief. At least it was because I was on a really good roll....Anyhow....

One of the things I loved about the way that Maryam  from Peacock Pavilions decorated was her ability to put all of us (12) at a table and it felt seamless...she layered her tablecloths. Love the idea. (I am sure that for some of you this is old news :-) ) I don't have one long enough tablecloth for our table when the entire family is over so now I just layer three different cloths. I took two - 2 yard pieces of Mystic and stitched them around the edges like you would a pillow. Turned them right side out and pressed. Whipped stitched the opening and took my walking foot and ran some stitching to secure the two pieces of fabric. So easy... they wash well and they are two sided! Bonus!


Part of why I want to share this place with you is for the design that is incorporated into every aspect of this place....


The dining tent...


The stenciling on the tent... amazing.... the floor is covered in soft Berber rugs (no shoes allowed).


This is the main living area of the house we stayed in. There are two houses apart from the main house. These two houses are were the guest stay. The main house is the families living quarters, the kitchen and the main living communal area...



Artifacts from all over Africa adorn the well as kitties!




view from the roof top...


 The main house....


The property they own has a olive grove on it...the small batches of olive oil produced from their grove is really yummy.


And yes they do have peacocks....they used to roam free but they found that they had no disregard for interiors....and that is hard to get out of a Berber rug!!


Scout the resident lab!


The pool....



 The path from my house through the olive grove to the main house. They are called meditation paths because the stones are either a little too close together or a little too far apart in turn making you conscious of each and every step. I loved starting my morning walking this path being in the moment noticing the small delicate details of the ground cover and the olive trees.


Our crew....

Mystic Blue blog winner is Sarah M. (you have been emailed).... Thank you all for you wonderful comments.....I am so in love with blue, glad to know I am not alone!

This trip through the inspiration of Mystic is winding down... The last post will be on Monday.... I have some bundles of the entire collection to give away... Three to be exact! Leave a comment....See you then!