Placemats - October Pick of the Month

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Yesterday there was a fresh dusting of snow on the Three Sisters. Besides being stunningly beautiful, it reminded me that we are approaching the cold season and all the food that comes with it. I know I'm not the only one who breaks out the soup pot and starts making bread as soon as the leaves change! 

With visions of chicken pot pie and chili floating through my head I came across Valori's placemat and napkin pattern. Perfect!  A new look for my table and I still have plenty of time to make cookies. The only difficult thing about this project is choosing your fabrics! In fact I found so many combinations I wanted to make I have extra options to show you this month.

Keep in mind that placemats shown are digital representations from photos of the fabric. Fabric scale, repeat, and color may be altered. Pictures are meant to give you an idea of what the project will look like, not a prefect representation. 


My first selection is three fabrics from Imagined Landscapes by Jen Hewett and follows Valori's pattern as written. I had a very hard time not cutting the fabric and running home to sew up a batch. If you love this option as is, we put together a bundle of all the fabric you'll need for four placemats. 

To make a single place mat you will need:

1/2 yard main : Headlands Golden Hour

1/8 yard bottom & right : Fern Dell Navy Metallic 

1/8 yard top & left : Aerial View Sand

1/2 yard extra fabric for two 15" napkins 


Jane made this selection fabrics from Wonder by Carrie Bloomston and follows Valori's pattern as written. The colors in this fabric are so rich and vibrant! I love that the design captures a sense of happy "wonder" without being childish. 

Bundle: all fabric needed for four placemats 

To make a single place mat you will need:

1/2 yard main: Wonder Bikes Navy

1/8 yard bottom & right: Wonder Textured Solid Mustard

1/8 yard top & left: Wonder Triangles Navy

1/2 yard extra fabric for two 15" napkins 


For this selection I added an extra border. Simply cut a 1" strip, press in half and sandwich between your main fabric and edge fabrics. No need to sew any extra seams. Very cute and seasonal as is, but I think it could be even better with one of the segments from this panel appliquéd in the corner. I like the idea of all my guests having their own message or picture.

You could also add the picture or small print sections to your napkins. Picture sections are 5.5" wide by 8" tall. Print section is 5.5" wide by 4" tall. Panel is sold as a 24" (2/3 yard) section of both.

Bundle: all fabric needed for four placemats 

To make a single place mat you will need:

1/2 yard main: Seeds Tangerine

1/4 yard outer border: Pumpkin Party Black

1/8 yard inner border: Pumpkin Party Blue

2/3 yard optional panel: Fall Bounty

1/2 yard extra fabric for two 15" napkins 


The last selection is a simple two fabric placemat with embellishment. I wanted to show an example of how you could use fabric paint or embroidery to add interest and make your mats truly unique. This selection uses canvas fabrics to more weight and texture. Our main fabric is Forage by Anna Graham paired with a basic black canvas. We aren't offering a bundle for this selection, for four placemats main fabric front and back you need 1 1/2 yards. For front panel only, you need 2/3 yard.  


Sadly, we are out of the fabric Teri used to make these gorgeous placemats, but I wanted you to see what a finished mat looks like. 

I hope you have fun with this project and all it's possibilities. As always I'd love to see your work. Send me your pics or tag @StitchinPost on Instagram or @StitchinPostor on Facebook