Sliced Orange Pincushion

Orange! A citrusy fruit and a bold color in the quilting world. And sometimes a very handy pincushion! 

This month we are looking at the color orange and what would be better that making an Orange Slice pincushion? Check out the full pattern in the Simply Color ORANGE book by Lucky Spool. 

For this special project you will need a square of orange fabric, orange felt, green felt, scrap white felt, white bias tape, a lightweight fusible interfacing, white thread, green floss and Polyfill. 


To start off, fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the orange fabric. Use the Slice template provided in the book to cut two slices from the interfaced fabric. With white thread, stitch three times over, six straight lines. You can follow the template line placement or draw on with a water soluble pen. Repeat with the second side. 


Cut a small circle from the white felt scrap and cut in half. Sew one half onto the center of the both slices. 

When assembling the two sides of the orange, right sides together, stitch a 1/4" seam on the top edge and press seams open. With the white bias tape, pin around the now circular piece about a 1/4" inside the outer edge of the entire circumference. fold one end of the tape over the other end. Edge stitch along both sides of the tape to secure in place. 


Right sides together, pin the cut orange felt to one edge of the slice. Stitch a 1/4" seam to the opposite side. Repeat for the other slice but leave room in the middle of the slice to turn right side out. 

At this point you can add a little handle loop from brown fabric with brown bias tape. 


Fill with Polyfill (we added crushed walnut shells for weight) and hand stitch the opening closed. 


To add the leaf, embroider the the veins onto the leaf, place on one end of the slice and attach keeping the stitches hidden and to not go through the top of the felt with a few tacking stitches. 


Stick a few pins in and you are done!


To see and do more projects in the juicy Orange color, check out the Simply Color ORANGE book and the other colors like purple, blue, red, green and yellow.


Happy stitching!