EMBROIDERY Now: Contemporary projects for you & your home

EMBROIDERY Now: Contemporary projects for you & your home

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  • Pages: 159
  • Author: Jennifer Cardenas Riggs
  • Dimensions: 8in x .75 x 10in
  • Softcover

    Embroidery Now, by Jennifer Cardenas Riggs, is a stylish hand-embroidery guide for the modern maker. Jennifer is an author and textile artist known on Instagram as @Threadhoney who walks you through the embroidery process. You'll learn about the materials included in the process of embroidery, nine different stitch techniques with step-by-step illustrated instructions, and 30 individual projects designed for your home and wardrobe. 

    Projects are perfect for both new and experienced embroiderers alike. Create a boho stitched lampshade, embroidered accent pillow, constellation tablecloth, minimalist canvas wall art, starry-stitched dresses, and much more. You will be delighted by the unique, current designs, sophisticated color palettes and on-trend motifs. Even if you have no prior embroidery experience, each project is broken down into step-by-step instructions and templates so you can recreate them yourself. packed with tips and tricks and a lot of inspiration, shows that anything can be embroidered and gives you the confidence to continue to embellish your world through embroidery.

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