Dot by Barb Campbell

Dot by Barb Campbell

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Barb Campbell is a gifted potter who has been a studio potter for over 25 years. Her work has appeared in Ceramics Monthly and Clay Times magazines.  She has exhibited in Mexico, Japan and across the US. Her pottery is expressive and functional, meant to enhance everyday life.

“I studied with a gifted young teacher in the 70’s. Dennis Staats was my mentor during my high school years. He took me under his wing as an independent study student. He taught me how to mix clay and glazes. I learned how to construct and consider a pot. The foot, lip, and belly, the inside and outside spaces: how does a cup feel when you touch it and bring it to your lips? Dennis had me ask questions, and he taught me that clay can be an instrument for expressing ideas and emotions.”

Dot Measures: Approximately 6" Diameter

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