Hummingbird MINI Paint-by-Number Kit

Hummingbird MINI Paint-by-Number Kit

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The perfect party activity! “Hummingbird” mini paint-by-number kit (6"x6" painting board) depicts a gold breasted bird buzzing about some nectar-filled Trumpet Creepers. This kit features gold metallic paint! The preprinted background sets this tiny winged wonder against pale blue with a white border. Completing the painting can take between 1-2 hours. Age 13 and up. Paint-by-number mini kits have our shortest project time (only 2 hours), which makes them the perfect project for an event or group activity! Like our kids kits your painting surface is made from sturdy and smooth 100% paper board so they’re easy to paint anywhere. 

(1) 6”x6” sturdy 100% paper painting board
(6) American-made, non-toxic
acrylic paints
(2) reusable synthetic sable hair paint brushes (vegan)

Made in Portland, Oregon. By elle crée (she creates)

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