Dreaming in Color 3 - From Inspiration to Design Video

Dreaming in Color 3 - From Inspiration to Design Video

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If you have seen any of Jean Wells' work, then you know she has a powerful relationship with color. Color is what catches your eye and tells a story when you first see a quilt. Join in her “Dreaming in Color” video lecture series and think of yourself as an explorer of color. You will explore Jean’s unique approach to understanding color as one of many tools used in quilt design. Her practical approach to color will give you confidence in your own journey as a colorist.

“You can’t come to me, so I am coming to YOU!” says Jean Wells. Join me in a recorded lecture series titled, “Dreaming in Color.” There are three lectures in this series: “Color Vocabulary,” “Color Relationships,” and “From Inspiration to Design.”

Today, get ready to tell your own story by trusting your intuition through self-discovery. Most of us collect images of things that inspire us for one reason or another. Jean will take you through the process of evaluating these photos and show you how to make a usable plan when it comes to color in quilting. Do you have a signature palette or a favorite color that seems to always appear in your work? To wrap up, Jean will share more ideas for you to explore as you continue on your own journey of “Dreaming in Color.”

Please Note: This is a pre-recorded class. You will be sent a link to the video upon purchase. Please keep the PDF with the video link--that way you can view the video as many times as you would like.
Length: Approximately 59 minutes.

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