Coastal 313 - Purple Haze
Coastal 313 - Purple Haze

Coastal 313 - Purple Haze

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  • Manufacturer: Elemental Affects Yarns
  • Collection: Coastal
  • Content: 50% US Shaniko Wool, 25% Belgian Flax, 25% Mulberry Silk
  • Skein Size: 2 oz (56 gr) skeins with approximately 205 yards each skein
  • Spinning Info: 3-ply, worsted-spun
  • Weight: Sport
  • Recommended Needles: US size 3-5, 3.25-3.75mm
  • Color: CL-313 Purp - Purple Haze

Elemental Affects' Coastal yarn uses wool from the Shaniko Wool Company, Belgian flax, and Mulberry silk from China. This US-made, warm weather yarn has a comfortable hand not always seen in yarns featuring flax, as well as structural integrity, a light texture, and a nice drape.

When they created this yarn, the people at Elemental Affects knew they wanted the natural characteristics of wool to absorb moisture and help move it away from the skin to make it available for evaporation. Wool also is “soft” in the hand, and lends some loft to the other, more dense fibers.

The silk is also soft, it provides the yarn with a sheen that is especially luxurious, AND it’s a good “evaporator.”

An especially good “breather,” flax also helps with body temperature regulation as it, too, helps with moisture evaporation. But, because Elemental Affects' dye methods are friendlier to protein fibers, adding the flax adds depth to the colors because flax doesn’t take up the dyes as well as the wool and silk. It also adds a crispness to the hand of the yarn that is pleasant in warmer weather.

For a crisp, but soft hand, they chose to create this yarn in 3 plies to make a nice, strong, round-ish yarn. They also chose a moderately high twist for strength and to trap many of the loose, soft wool fibers close to the surface of the yarn. The result? The perfect warm weather yarn!

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