Contemporary Kogin-sashi Book

Contemporary Kogin-sashi Book

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Master the art of Kogin-zashi stitching.  Kogin-zashi is an iconic form of sashiko that stands on its own apart from Hitomezashi and Moyouzashi as both functional and breathtakingly beautiful. Based on the concept of filling in the gaps of loosely woven fabric, this Japanese mending and beautifying technique was historically a survival necessity and an act of defiance against the laws of an oppressive governing body that forbade the wearing of textiles made from warmer materials.

Detailed photography and step-by-step visual instructions guide readers to create stunning projects using Kogin-zashi stitching. Alongside a robust stitch library, readers will find 10 projects to showcase their work.  Master the art of Kogin embroidery, a type of sashiko stitching perfect for embellishing everything from wearables to everyday objects Learn from prolific teachers Shannon and Jason who have been teaching for 20 years in local and national venues

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