Wonderful Curves Sampler Quilt Block Book

Wonderful Curves Sampler Quilt Block Book

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Mini Wonderful Curves: 16 Seasonal Quilt Projects Using the QCR Mini by Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson for Sew Kind of Wonderful with Sherilyn Mortensen

Jenny and Helen love seasonal quilts and wanted to explore a whole year’s worth of them using the QCR Mini Ruler. They wanted to use the same basic block as the foundation for each quilt, but adding other elements to make each quilt uniquely beautiful. These are quick and easy weekend projects that Jenny and Helen had so much fun creating--they think you will too!

Patterns: Early Risers ~ Color Love ~ Heart Beat ~ Bird Song ~ Spring Wings ~ Sea Glass ~ Soak Up the Sun ~ Freedom's Flag ~ #arewethereyet ~ Cider House ~ Bat Moon Rising ~ October Eves ~ Winter Jewels ~ Breezy Day ~ Lanterns ~ Giving Tree

• “How to” picture tutorial at the beginning of the book
• Offers a fun and unique approach to sewing curves
• Perfect for quilters of all skill levels to successfully sew curves
• Beautiful quilting pictures throughout the book
• Quilting examples are also included at the end of the book

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