Painted Forest Quilt Pattern
Blue Nickel Painted Forest quilt Pattern scott hansen
Painted Forest Quilt Pattern
Painted Forest Quilt Pattern

Painted Forest Quilt Pattern

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Create your own colorful forest with this pieced quilt pattern
by Scott Hansen from Blue Nickel Studios

Finished Size is 59 1/2" x 60"
Vendor SKU: BNS100

Required for Quilter's Affair 2024

Create your own fantasy forest from all of your favorite scraps. You can use all of your floral scraps with various light or “low-volume” prints as I did in the model, or you can plant your forest in your own leftover bits. How about a plaid forest in browns and reds? Or maybe a wintery forest in all blues and silvers. Or go super-dramatic with a black-and-white forest against a backdrop of various reds. The variations are about as limitless as, well, the number of leaves on a tree.

Fabric Requirements:
2 yards or more of assorted print fabrics for the leafy bits
1 yard of assorted solids or near-solids for the branches and trunks.
(Each tree needs 2” x WOF and there are 14 trees in the pattern)
3 yards of assorted background prints or solids (each tree takes less than a fat quarter)
1 yard for binding
4 yards backing fabric of your choice, less if you use scraps from the front.
68”x 68” batting


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