Four Corners Apron Pattern
Four Corners Apron Pattern
Four Corners Apron Pattern
Four Corners Apron Pattern

Four Corners Apron Pattern

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Size: Adult - One Size Fits All
Designer: Barbara Brunson
Manufacturer: Vanilla House Designs
Type: Printed Pattern

This fantastic square-on-point (four corners) apron is quick-to-make and perfect for the beginning sewer and yet clever enough to appeal to all sewers. Selecting the coordinating fabrics is SO easy because it looks good in every fabric you might choose. Whether modern, cottage, Christmas, or barbecue, the apron takes on the personality of the fabric! By the way, it’s very comfortable AND flattering!

Adjustments in size are made by the length of the neck strap on the apron — 23″ to 26″ for small, medium, or large. Slightly more fabric is required for the apron if using vertical print fabrics (like stripes) or one-way vertical print fabrics (like chickens). This pattern is selling great for those intending to give an apron as a gift — customizing it for the receiver’s personality by using themed fabrics.

Materials Needed:
3/4 yard Main Fabric
1 1/4 Coordinating Fabric for reverse side, trim, neck strap, pocket & ties

Note: If there is a vertical print or a character print that runs parallel to the selvedge, and needs to have the top (or heads) upward, you will need 1 yard for the Main Fabric and 1 5/8 yard for the Coordinating Fabric.

Optional: 2 buttons for flaps - any size desired

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