Veggie Bags Pattern PDF
Veggie Bags Pattern PDF

Veggie Bags Pattern PDF

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Veggie Bags Downloadable PDF Pattern by Sam Roshak

Reusable mesh vegetable bag. (Sizes vary)

Every little bit helps when in comes to living greener. One way to make a difference is by using reusable produce bags, instead of plastic. While reducing your plastic use is an obvious benefit, the ventilation in mesh veggie bags can help your fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer and you can wash them right in the bag. Making your own bags also allows you to customize the bag size to the type of produce you buy regularly, getting rid of all that wadded up plastic in your vegetable drawer for a single lemon. On top of that these bags look great, are strong, durable, and easily washable. It's pretty easy to "do the right thing" when it also makes your life easier.

Pattern gives instructions to make four bags of varied sizes from 1/2 yard of 62" wide fabric.

1/2 yard mesh fabric
1/4 yard casing fabric
3 1/4 yard cording (nylon is best)
4 toggle closures

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